My Story

This is a story about ROBOTS and AWESOMENESS

In 2015 I had an epiphany. It was during a time when the internet had this curious kind of emptiness. A nothingness amongst the deluge of humdrum. A void amidst never-ending bleh. Nobody knew how the void got there, you couldn’t see it, but you could feel it.

Back then the web felt both strange and exciting. I instinctively knew it could quench my thirst for entertainment, and like everyone else, I craved some awesomeness from this new land of opportunity. Then it slapped me in the face. The epiphany, I mean.

One day, gazing up at my bookshelf of old toy robots, I suddenly realised they were all staring at me. All of them. Their unblinking mechanical eyes fixed upon my retinas like a prophetic movie scene. Just staring. Peering into my soul. I nervously looked down at my camera. Then back up. Looked down, then up.

It was in that moment on the 9th March 2015 that I decided to fill the void.

I had the ROBOTS. I just needed to get me some AWESOME.

Robot Elixir's Toy Robot Shelf
My Toy Robot Shelf