Child playing with Ideal Robert the Robot toy (April 1959)

Welcome to the Robot Elixir website!

Meet the Gang of Five Robots - Collectible Japanese Toys

For many months I have been busy building this all new official ROBOT ELIXIR website. My goal was to create a fun, useful and entertaining space on the internet for fans of toy robots.

Please have a look around and let me know what you think in the comments below. 🙂

In this initial phase I began by adding a section for toys in my toy robot collection. These pages contain various facts and figures and well as some details about their functions and history. Alongside this there is also an archive of all the videos I’ve published on the Robot Elixir YouTube channel. Each robot and video has been extensively tagged to make finding robots using the search tool super easy. You can browse by class, feature, brand, age of manufacture and more.

Super Space Giant Size Comparison to a 12 inch robot (both by Metal House Japan) Child playing with Ideal Robert the Robot toy (April 1959)

As part of an ongoing project I’ve also started on a toy robot encyclopedia. This section is definitely a ‘work-in-progress’ area, but with time I’m hoping it’ll provide invaluable information and insight into the history of toy robots.

And… if that wasn’t enough to satisfy your mechanical cravings, I’ve even added a shop so you can purchase official Robot Elixir merchandise designed and illustrated by me. More products will be added to the shop soon!

Anyway, thanks again for stopping by the new site. I hope you enjoy.

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