Accoutrements Radar Robot

Radar Robot - Wind Up Clockwork Toy Radar Robot - Wind Up Clockwork Toy


Name/s: Radar Robot
Brand: Accoutrements (from Outer Space)
Origin: Seattle, USA (Made in China/Hong Kong)
First sighting: 1996
Class: Wind Up Robot
Height: 19cm approx.
Weight: 153g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Wind up (clockwork)

Primary Functions

  • Walking
  • Spinning Radar Satellite Dish
  • Spinning ‘Ear’ Wheels

Other Features

  • Chrome finish
  • Fixed built-in wind up key

Robot Family

Identical robots with red arms and feet have been spotted under the title ‘Space Robot’.

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Radar Robot Escapes! – Wind-Up Toy Animation

RADAR ROBOT is a cool vintage windup robot that walks and tracks its targets with its radar dish and spinning wheel action! In this video I capture rare footage of it escaping from its box and tracking its target. What will it find?

Five Wind Up Toy Robots (Part III)

As part of my ongoing ‘Five Robots’ series, this video showcases 5 mechanical wind up toy robots. As always, there is a mixture of old and new designs made in tin plate and plastic. All five have an awesome vintage aesthetic – which is what I love most about them! The five robots are: – Musical Drumming Robot – Robbie the Robot – Radar Robot – Mr Robot – The Mechanical Brain – and my S.H. Horikawa Gear Robot from the 1960s! At the end there is a bonus sixth wind up robot, so stay tuned for that! 🙂

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