Axlon Systema Compurobot III (Henry)

Systema Compurobot III (Henry) Programmable Toy Robot 1980s Systema Compurobot III (Henry) Programmable Toy Robot 1980s


Name/s: Compurobot III, Henry
Brand: Axlon, Systema
Origin: USA (Made in Hong Kong)
First sighting: 1980s
Class: Programmable Robot
Height: 20cm
Weight: 599g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery operated (requires 4 AA batteries plus one 9V battery)

Primary Functions

  • Programmable movement via 25 button keypad
  • Flashing eyes and mouth
  • Beeps to confirm commands

Other Features

  • Poseable arms
  • Gripping hands
  • Translucent hinged cover/hood for the keypad
  • Rubber tracks for movement
  • Stickers added by user


This is the third incarnation of the Compurobot, nicknamed ‘Henry’. He’s a programmable toy robot capable of memorising up to 48 commands and can move at three different speeds. Previous versions were also programmable via multi-button keypads. The first version, ‘Compurobot I’ was produced by Axlon. It had a twin toy called ‘George the Robot’ that was in a grey colour compared to Compurobot I’s white colour. They were both smaller, almost ball-shaped and looked remarkably similar to V.I.N.C.E.N.T. from the 1979 Disney film ‘The Black Hole’. The second version, Compurobot II (CR-200) had a much larger blockier design with both a keypad and infra-red remote control to input your commands. It could memorise up to 60 commands and could connect to early Atari and Apple computers for programming. Information about the robot describe it both as an Axlon and Systema product. Axlon developed the technology and toy, perhaps Systema marketed and distributed it? I’m not sure. My Compurobot III is branded as Systema.

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A short video demonstrating the cool features and frankly awesome dance moves of the retro Compurobot III CR-300 toy robot. Set to electronic track Dub Zap. The other robots featured in the line-up clip will get there own video demos soon. This channel will feature plenty of japanese toy robots, tinplate robots, rare tin toys from around the world etc.

My Toy Robot Collection // 2018 UPDATE

Here’s an updated video of the toy robots that are currently in my collection. I have a mixture of both old vintage robots as well as modern tin plate reproductions. This is mainly because original tin toy robots from the golden era go for ridiculously high amounts of money. Most ordinary folks, me included, just cannot justify spending that much! Early on in my collecting journey I came to the conclusion that I’d rather have several reproductions that work, rather than one rusty shelf queen that doesn’t. It’s the magic of these toy robots coming alive and moving that is the fun part!

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