“Dog-Bot” from 14-in-1 Kit Educational Solar Robot

"Dog-Bot" - 14 in 1 Kit Educational Solar Robot Dreamland Products Solar Powered Robot (14 in 1 Kit)


Name/s: “Dog-Bot” from 14 in 1 Kit – Educational Solar Robot
Brand: Dreamland Products
Origin: Hong Kong
First Sighting: 2013
Class: Model Kit Robots
Height: 10cm approx.
Weight: 54g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Solar powered

Primary Functions

  • Solar powered movement
  • Walking
  • Wagging Tail

Other Features

  • Poseable head

Solar Powered Robots

This robot is one of fourteen robots that can be built from the educational toy kit. Each one is solar powered. The one shown in the pictures is called Dog-Bot. The other thirteen robots that you can build include: Surf-Bot, Boat-Bot, Wheel-Bot, Walker-Bot, Crab-Bot, Slither-Bot, Beetle-Bot, Turtle-Bot, Auto-Bot, Row-Bot, Zombie-Bot, Roly Poly-Bot and Quadru-Bot. Each robot uses the same gear-box, solar panel and head: the body, limbs and means of movement differs. Some float on water, some use wheels and some walk on legs.

Videos featuring solar powered Dog-Bot

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Making a Solar Powered Robot Kit

Let’s make a solar powered robot dog! This educational construction kit for kids features a small motor and a tiny solar panel. Once complete you’ve got yourself a green energy toy that’s powered by the sun and doesn’t need batteries. Making the body of the robot dog with all the tiny plastic gears was a little fiddly but with a bit of patience we got there in the end. If you watch until the end you’ll be treated to some bonus footage of a ‘real dog’. Enjoy!

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