Galaxy Robot (Conehead)

Galaxy Robot (Conehead) Galaxy Robot (Conehead)


Name/s: Galaxy Robot
Brand: Unknown
Origin: China
First sighting: Early 2000s ?
Class: Swaying Robots
Height: 41cm approx.
Weight: 281g
Materials: Mainly tin plate with plastic ears, cone top and battery compartment
Power: Battery operated (2 AA batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Walking
  • Swaying Arms
  • Light Up Eyes

Other Features

  • Conehead design
  • Wired external battery box

Robot Family

The history and original of this robot design is complex and not entirely clear to Western collectors. It is generally thought that Conehead first appeared in a Japanese television series called ‘Shonen JET’ that aired from 1959. It is also thought that Conehead is an earlier prototype design of the comic book and animated film character Tetsujin T-28. In a show around the same time called ‘T-28’, they revealed Tetsujin’s twenty seven earlier prototype designs, T-26 had the cone shaped head. In the mid-1960s Yonezawa made a tin toy called the Mechanical Space Robot, which looks very similar to the robot in an episode of Shonen JET and the prototype Tetsujin robot. Collectors nicknamed this original toy ‘Conehead’. The Yonezawa version has blue legs, body and head with red feet and shoulder ball joints. It had a sparking action seen through the transparent eyes and the hands were stubby claws made of a flat metal plate. The robot was only released to the Japanese market and hence very rare to find. This rarity and popularity amongst collectors prompted later Chinese reproductions to be made. The reproduction shown in the pictures is a variant with longer arms and a black and red colour scheme, similar to Robby the Robot toys. Grey and greenish grey versions also exist.

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GALAXY ROBOT (aka CONEHEAD) | Vintage Walking Tin Space Toy

GALAXY ROBOT is a vintage walking tin toy robot with a cone shaped head and light up eyes. The design is often referred to as just the CONEHEAD robot due to its very unique head shape. My version is an old-ish reproduction of the original 1960s Yonezawa toy that was simply called the ‘Mechanical Space Robot’. The original Cone Head was blue and red in colour and had simpler flat metal claw hands. Unlike the original my ConeHead doesn’t use a wind-up mechanism. It was an electric motor powered by a wired battery box.

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