Ha Ha Toy Mr. Robot (The Mechanical Brain)

Ha Ha Toy Mr Robot Tin Toy - The Mechanical Brain Ha Ha Toy Mr Robot Tin Toy - The Mechanical Brain


Name/s: Mr. Robot, The Mechanical Brain
Brand: Ha Ha Toy
Origin: Shanghai, China
Class: Wind Up Robot
Height: 22cm approx.
Weight: 270g
Materials: Tin Plate
Power: Hybrid – Wind up (clockwork) and battery operated (requires 1 AA battery)

Primary Functions

  • Walking
  • Flashing light up hands

Other Features

  • Mechanical Brain (a hidden vertical battery compartment to power the lights is inside its head)
  • On/off lever for lights
  • Adjustable antenna
  • Integral, folding wind-up key
  • Lockable wind up mechanism
  • Red eyes, mouth and knee area


This toy is a reproduction of the Mr. Robot (Mechanical Brain) made by Alps (Japan) in the mid 1950s. The most notable differences being the original has the key on the opposite side (robot’s left side) and the head is a little narrower with larger eyes and ears.

Robot Family

Mr. Robot is very similar in design to the Strenco ST-1, made in Germany also in the mid 1950s. It has the same leg, hand and body shapes, plus antenna and spring design across the top of its head. The main difference being the ST-1 had a cuboid shaped head, no mechanical brain compartment and no light up hands. I believe the ST-1 was released first, maybe by as little as a year. Other similar robots in this family include the Ratchet, Zoomer and Radar Robots.

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We’ve fallen down the rabbit hole again and entered Doctor Frankenstein’s Castle for the second time. It’s a curious space filled with unusual shiny oddities and sculptural objects. Through the thick wandering mist is a robot. A mechanical man ready for its AWAKENING…

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