Ha Ha Toy Smoking Spaceman

Ha Ha Toy Smoking Spaceman Robot Ha Ha Toy Smoking Spaceman Robot


Name/s: Smoking Spaceman
Brand: Ha Ha Toy
Origin: Shanghai, China
Class: Smoking Robot
Height: 30.5cm approx.
Weight: 785g
Materials: Tin Plate
Power: Battery operated (requires 2 D-cell batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Stop/Start Walking Action
  • Swinging arms
  • Flashing light up eyes
  • Continuous flickering/spinning light up head dome
  • Puffing smoke action

Other Features

  • On/off switch to front
  • Classic red feet
  • Chrome ‘T’ shape around eyes
  • Battery compartments inside each leg


It is believed that the original Smoking Spaceman toy was manufactured by Marumiya, later known as Metal House, in Japan around the late 1950s. The toy robot was originally sold by Linemar/Marx in 1960. Linemar (or Line Mar) was founded in the 1950s as a manufacturing and import subsidiary of Louis Marx & Co., a successful American toy manufacturer. There is evidence to suggest the toy was also sold by Yonezawa in Japan around the same time. Yonezawa made the first re-issue/reproductions in the 1980s, possibly with the original moulds. The Smoking Spaceman design has since been reproduced by many companies including Tin Tom Toys (TTT), Ha Ha Toy, Papa-San, and Schylling to name a few more.

Robot Family

Variants of this robot include the Sonic Giant and Mr Patrol robots produced by Papa-San in the late 1990s (or early 2000s?) onwards.

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This video showcases the “Smoking Spaceman” toy with stop-and-go striding action, flashing light up eyes and multi-coloured rotating head light. In his youth this awesome robot would have also smoked, but he’s quit for good. 😉

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A story about hope. Follow the journey of a plucky little blue robot as he seeks a change from his life of isolation and loneliness.

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