Ha Ha Toy Thunder Robot

Ha Ha Toy Thunder Robot Ha Ha Toy Thunder Robot


Name/s: Thunder Robot
Brand: Ha Ha Toy
Origin: Shanghai, China
First sighting: 2000s
Class: Robots with Spinning Rotor Blades
Height: 29cm approx.
Weight: 542g
Materials: Tin Plate and Plastic
Power: Battery operated (requires 2 D-cell batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Spinning rotor blades
  • Stop/start walking
  • Arms raise up and down
  • Machine gun rat-at-at sounds
  • Flashing lights in hands
  • Light up head dome

Other Features

  • Hypnotic emerald coloured eyes
  • Torpedo shaped body/head design
  • Ringed arms and legs

History and Robot Family

The original Thunder Robots were made by Asakusa in Japan in 1967. They are increasingly rare to find now and when they do come up for sale reach eye-watering figures. Original Asakusa Thunder Robots had more of a dark brown colour than the warm dark grey of later reproductions. Several companies have made reproductions over the years including Schylling, Tin Tom Toys (TTT) and more recently Ha Ha Toy. Other colour variations I’ve seen include blue, red and silver.


  1. Asakusa, 1967, Silver (prototype in a Tokyo museum)
  2. Asakusa, 1967, Brown
  3. Tin Tom Toys, 2002, Brown
  4. Tin Tom Toys, 2000s?, Silver
  5. Schylling (ME 200), 2000s, Brown
  6. Schylling, 2000s, Metallic Blue
  7. Schylling, 2000s, Metallic Red
  8. Schylling, 2000s, Chrome
  9. Classic Tin Toy Company, 2000s, Gold plated Chrome (named ‘Thunder XX7 Ultimate Warrior’)
  10. Ha Ha Toy, 2000s, Brownish Grey
  11. Ha Ha Toy, 2000s, Silver, Blue hands/feet
Some variations have curved rotor blades instead of straight ones. Mainly ones labelled ME 200, an early Shylling variation I believe.

Videos featuring Thunder Robot

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Thunder Robot – Classic Tin Toy Robot from Ha Ha Toys

Thunder Robot is a classic tin plate toy robot originally made by Asakusa in the 1950s (1957 to be exact). Mine is a modern, but faithful, Chinese reproduction from Ha Ha Toys. The ‘Thunder Robot’ is a favourite amongst toy robot collectors, and rightly so, it looks awesome! This reproduction tin toy is in a brown / grey finish with green eyes and red hands and feet. Unfortunately he is in need of major repair! His hands don’t light up nor does he make a machine gun ra-ta-ta sound properly. 🙁 But that didn’t stop me making an awesome video of it!! Maybe one day soon I’ll be brave and open him up to try and fix him. If I do, you can be sure I’ll share the journey on my channel. Any advise from experienced robot repairers welcome. 🙂

The Legend of the Thunder Robot

Have you heard of the Legend of the THUNDER ROBOT?

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