Jakks Pacific K-2SO (Star Wars Big Fig)

K-2SO Droid Robot Toy - Jakks Pacific K-2SO Droid Robot Toy - Jakks Pacific


Name/s: K-2SO
Brand: Jakks Pacific
Origin: USA
First sighting: 2016
Class: Robot Action Figures
Height: 51cm approx.
Weight: 462g
Materials: Plastic
Power: N/A

Primary Functions

  • Poseable action figure


K-2SO is a robot that features in the 2016 film, ‘Rogue One’, part of the Star Wars franchise. K-2SO is a KX-series Imperial security droid who has been reprogrammed by the Rebel Alliance.

JAKKS Pacific

Jakks Pacific is an American toy company that produces a wide range of toys including the large scale Star Wars figures known as ‘Big Figs’.

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My Toy Robot Collection // 2018 UPDATE

Here’s an updated video of the toy robots that are currently in my collection. I have a mixture of both old vintage robots as well as modern tin plate reproductions. This is mainly because original tin toy robots from the golden era go for ridiculously high amounts of money. Most ordinary folks, me included, just cannot justify spending that much! Early on in my collecting journey I came to the conclusion that I’d rather have several reproductions that work, rather than one rusty shelf queen that doesn’t. It’s the magic of these toy robots coming alive and moving that is the fun part!

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