Jianjian Technology Cady Wida Robot

Jianjian Technology Cady Wida Robot Jianjian Technology Cady Wida Robot


Name/s: Cady Wida (Intellectual Gesture Control Robot for Entertainment)
Brand: Jianjian Technology Co.
Origin: China
First Sighting: 2010s
Class: Remote Controlled Robots, Talking Robots
Height: 27cm approx.
Weight: 348g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery powered (built-in rechargeable battery plus 2 AA batteries for controller)

Primary Functions

  • Talking
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Walking
  • Sliding
  • Swaying Arms
  • Light up eyes
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Gesture control
  • Record and play sequences of actions

Other features

  • Design is a rip-off of the much bigger and more expensive ‘NAO’ Robot from Softbank Robotics.
  • Poseable hands and forearms

Cady-Wida and Cady-Wini

Jianjian made two version of this remote control robot, a blue ‘boy’ version called Cady-Wida and a pink ‘girl’ version called ‘Cady-Wini’. The remote controller allows you to walk and slide the robot in various directions as well as select various modes including: demo, patrol, dance, music, program and mechanical language. The robot also has motion sensors so you can control its movement with hand gestures. The robot has a built in rechargeable battery that is charged via the supplied USB cable.

Videos featuring Cady Wida

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The Best Fake NAO Robot?? – With reaction cams

Check out this Cady Wida toy robot! Its design is VERY similar to that of a NAO robot by Softbanks Robotics but at a fraction of the price – and size. Cady Wida calls himself “AirLock” and boasts about his “special skills” which are demonstrated in the video. The toy has intelligent programming, gesture control, obstacle avoidance and well… some questionable built-in songs and dance moves. Enjoy!

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