Kamco Giant Saturn Robot

Kamco Saturn Robot (Television Robot) Kamco Saturn Robot (Television Robot)


Name/s: Giant Saturn Robot
Brand: Kamco
Origin: Hong Kong
First sighting: 1980s
Class: Television Robots
Height: 32cm approx.
Weight: 548g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery operated (requires 2 D-cell batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Stop/Start Striding (moving legs and arms)
  • Space scene projection
  • Light up eyes
  • Spring loaded missile projectiles

Other Features

  • The one pictured is a rare multi-coloured version (one of the later editions)
  • Movable arms and antennae

History & Robot Family

The Giant Saturn Robot was a widely produced and distributed robot during the 1980s. The most common colour variation is black and red. Other colour combinations include: orange/pink/blue, yellow/black, red/white and black/white. The Kamco Jupiter Robot is very similar but has twin antenna designs both sides and a unique space scene projection. There is also the Kamco Sentinel Robot which has a piston engine function.


  1. Kamco, 1980s, Black, Red hands/feet (earliest & most common)
  2. Kamco, 1980s, Black, White hands/feet
  3. Kamco, 1980s, Blue, Red hands/feet
  4. Kamco, 1980s, Blue, White hands/feet
  5. Kamco, 1980s, Red, Red hands/feet
  6. Kamco, 1980s, Red, White hands/feet
  7. Kamco, 1980s, Yellow, Black hands/feet
  8. Kamco, 1980s, Blue head/body, Orange arms/legs, Red hands/feet
  9. Kamco, 1980s, Orange head/arms, Blue body/legs, Pink hands/feet

Videos featuring Giant Saturn Robot

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Look Inside Vintage Toy Robots! Saturn TV Space Scenes

Ever wondered what’s inside vintage toy robots? Well I take a look at two classic television screen robot designs from the 1970s and 1980s and show you the magic. It’s not high tech, but interesting if you’re a geek like me. Featuring the Kamco Saturn Robot (rare colour version) and Horikawa Space Scout.

Rare SATURN ROBOT Giant walking robot toy

A rare vintage Saturn ROBOT in unusual blue, orange and red colours. Described on the box as a Giant 13″ walking robot with light-up eyes and rockets. It walks with swinging arms and illuminated eyes then pauses and displays the space scene projection on his huge chest panel. 4 rockets are mounted on his head and spring loaded to fire at will. This robot design is an absolute classic with many versions available – the most common colour you’ll see is black and red. I’ve also seen all yellow, all red and an orange/pink combo.

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