Lego Ideas WALL-E (Set 21303)

Lego Ideas WALL-E Set 21303 Lego Ideas WALL-E Set 21303


Name/s: WALL-E
Brand: Lego
Set number: 21303 (Lego Ideas set)
Origin: Denmark
First sighting: 2015
Class: Lego Robots, Robot Action Figure
Height: 18cm approx.
Weight: 527g
Materials: Plastic
Power: N/A

Primary Functions

  • Poseable action figure
  • Constructible toy kit

Other Features

  • The head turns 360° around as well as up and down
  • Arms slide forward, backward and freely with ball joint
  • Articulated wrists and hands to grip objects
  • Moving tracks
  • Door opens to reveal trash compactor area
  • Hal the cockroach (accessory)
  • Plant (accessory)

More Info

This Lego Ideas project was designed by Angus MacLane, the directing animator for the original Disney Pixar film Wall-E. The set contains 676 pieces.

Videos featuring Lego WALL-E

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Lego Ideas Wall-E Set 21303 // Complete Build Step by Step

Learn how to build the LEGO WALL-E set 21303 in this step-by-step speed build video. There are 676 pieces in this Lego Ideas set and each of the 178 steps are shown for you to enjoy and follow along if you’d like. This highly accurate model is really well designed with movable hands, arms, eyes, neck and tracks. Wall-E even comes with Hal the friendly cockroach character and the plant for him to carry. Awesome!!

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