Lost in Space Robot (Remco Commemorative)

Remco Lost in Space Robot Lost in Space Robot Tin Toy Remco Commemorative


Name/s: Lost in Space Robot
Brand: Remco
Origin: USA
First sighting: 2000s
Class: Wind Up Robots, Sparking Robots
Height: 23cm approx.
Weight: 270g
Materials: Tin plate
Power: Wind up (clockwork)

Primary Functions

  • Walking
  • Sparking Action

Other Features

  • Stop/start lever
  • A weird mash-up of B9 and Robby designs


The head, torso and arms are definitely B9 from Lost in Space, but the legs certainly are not. This weird and, some would say, sacrilegious design is a commemorative wind up tin toy produced by Remco. Remco Industries are a USA based toy company that produced a range of plastic battery operated B9 toys in the mid-1960s. One of the many colour variants had the same distinctive red and blue finish.

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Lost in Space ROBOT B9 Toy – Awesome sci-fi collectors tin toy

The ROBOT from Lost in Space (B9). This collectors tin toy isn’t quite an exact replica of the original from the 1960s television series, as you’ll probably tell, but he’s still *EPIC* nonetheless. This simple wind-up robot space toy is beautifully designed with an additional pop of colour. The arms are also re-positionable. I hope you enjoy this short demonstration and homage to this iconic robot design and thanks for watching 😉

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