McFarlane Battle Damaged Robocop

McFarlane Battle Damaged Robocop Action Figure Toy McFarlane Battle Damaged Robocop Action Figure


Name/s: Battle Damaged Robocop
Brand: McFarlane
Origin: USA
First sighting: 2005
Class: Robot Action Figures
Height: 31cm approx.
Weight: 683g
Materials: Plastic
Power: N/A

Primary Functions

  • Poseable action figure

Other Features

  • Detachable piston
  • Came with a base stand featuring rubble and an empty metal barrel
  • Superb ‘film-accurate’ detailing


McFarlane are best known for producing highly detailed toys for adult collector based on characters from films, television programs, comics and computer games.

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McFarlane Robocop Action Figure – Toy Stop Motion Animation

McFarlane Robocop action figure toy. A Robot Elixir stop motion animated film featuring retro 1980s graphics and a funky synthwave (-ish) track. This highly detailed battle damaged Robocop figurine from McFarlane Toys is really awesome and an accurate sculpt from the original Robocop movie 1987. Protecting the innocent and upholding the law are all in a days work as a Detroit police officer.

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