Metal Earth BB-8 Droid Kit

Metal Earth BB-8 - Metal Star Wars Model Kit Metal Earth BB-8 - Metal Star Wars Model Kit


Name/s: BB-8
Brand: Metal Earth (Fascinations Inc.)
Origin: USA
First sighting: 2016?
Class: Model Kit Robots
Height: 8cm approx.
Weight: 17g
Materials: Steel
Power: N/A

Metal Earth

Metal Earth produce a range of miniature model kits made exclusively from sheets of steel. They range in complexity, size and difficulty to make. They certainly take a great deal of care and patience to make!

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Me “trying” to build the METAL EARTH BB-8 model kit

In this video I attempt to make the BB-8 METAL EARTH model kit. This miniature steel Star Wars droid requires no glue to assemble, just your fingers and some regular tweezers. It looked like a fun challenge, I thought. It’ll be fun… I told myself. So… was it easy? Nope. Was it fun? No. Was it frustrating? Yup. Did your fingers hurt a lot afterwards? Yup. Would you recommend this product? hmm… only if you have the patience of Yoda and the finger dexterity of a card magician.

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