Metal House Space Doom Robot

Metal House Space Doom Television Robot

Metal House Space Doom Television Robot


Name/s: Space Doom Robot
Brand: Metal House
First sighting: 1990s
Origin: Japan
Class: Television Robots
Height: 29cm approx.
Weight: 591g
Materials: Tin Plate
Power: Battery operated (requires 2 D-cell batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Stop & Start Walking
  • Television space scene projection
  • Machine gun rat-at-at sounds
  • Light up fly eyes

Other Features

  • Limited edition paint finish (one of 25)
  • Classic Horikawa-style fly eyes (aka bug eyes)
  • Exemplary build quality synonymous with all modern Metal House robots


Metal House is a small Tokyo based family firm still making tin plate robots as it did back in the 1960s. They made most (if not all) of the SH Horikawa robot models and also made robots for Daiya, Yonezawa and Linemar. The company was established in the 1930s and originally called ‘Marumiya’.

Robot Family

There are a lot of similarities between Space Doom and Space Evil robots. Both made by Metal House, they utilise the same arm, head and legs moulds plus the same lower torso dials. The iconic bug eye (fly eye) design harks back to the company’s origins making S.H. Horikawa designs.

Other Notes

Comparing the build quality of Space Doom to the 1980s Saturn robots is like comparing a Dacia (no offence) to a Rolls Royce. I was blown away by how the Space Doom robot runs and sounds. Check it out in the videos below.

Videos featuring Space Doom Robot

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SPACE DOOM ROBOT | Limited Edition Japanese Tin Toy 1990s

Space Doom Robot is an incredibly rare tin toy robot from Metal House in Japan. This limited edition toy is one of only 25 made in this colour variation. Made in the 1990s, the Space Doom series of robots are now very rare and hard to find. They feature light up fly-like shaped eyes (bug eyes), stop and start walking action and a light up space scene projected into the TV screen on its chest. WOW!

5 Retro Toy Robots (Part II)

This video showcases five more retro toy robots from my collection. Firstly there’s a dark grey Smoking Spaceman robot with flashing eyes, striding action and the occasional puff of smoke. Next you’ll see a multi-coloured Giant Saturn toy robot with spring loaded rockets and space projection screen. Then there’s a ridiculously barbie-pink Super Astronaut robot with a rotate-o-matic action. Up next is a rare Space Doom toy robot with classic illuminated bug eyes and space scene projection. Finally you’ll witness the epic that is Thunder Robot with its spinning rotor blades and hypnotic emerald eyes.

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