Metal House Space Evil Robot (Metallic Green)

Metal House Space Evil Robot (Metallic Green) Metal House Space Evil Robot (Metallic Green)


Name/s: Space Evil Robot
Brand: Metal House
Origin: Japan
Class: Rotate-O-Matic Robots
Height: 30cm approx.
Weight: 624g
Materials: Tin Plate (Chest doors are plastic)
Power: Battery operated (requires 2 D-cell batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Stop & Start Walking
  • Rotate-o-Matic (Upper torso spinning)
  • Machine gun sounds and lights

Other Features

  • The one pictured has a limited edition metallic green paint finish (limited to 100)
  • Classic red fly eyes (aka bug eyes)


Metal House is a small Tokyo based family firm still making tin plate robots as it did back in the 1960s. They made most (if not all) of the SH Horikawa robot models and also made robots for Daiya, Yonezawa and Linemar. The company was established in the 1930s and originally called ‘Marumiya’.

Robot Family

Space Evil Robot resembles many early Horikawa designs including the second generation Mr. Zerox and Attacking Martian robots.

Videos featuring Space Evil Robot

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Five Retro Toy Robots

Take a look at 5 toy robots from my collection. In this video I showcase these awesome battery powered tin toys so you can see what they do and how they move. They walk, they shoot, the spin around with flashing lights, robot sounds and puffing smoke effects. PREPARE FOR EPIC! The five toy robots include ‘Space Evil Robot’ and ‘Piston Robot III’ made by Metal House in Japan. ‘Chief Robotman’ and ‘Chief Smoky’ are reproductions made by the Haha Toy Factory. The other Piston Robot is the oldest in the group and was manufactured in Taiwan by SJM I believe. It’s a super high quality copy of a Horikawa design but with taller metal legs (which I think looks a lot better tbh).

The Return of Space Evil Robot – Japanese Toy Robot

Here’s another chance to meet the ‘Space Evil Robot’ toy from Metal House, Japan. This modern classic Japanese toy robot design is finished in a limited edition metallic green paint and looks amazing! The robot features red bug-eyes, chrome detailing and impressive proportions. It has a stop-start walking action with rotate-o-matic gun firing display. AWESOME! ^_^

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