Mini R1 Robotank Z Tin Toy

Mini R1 Robotank - Wind Up Tin Toy Mini R1 Robotank - Wind Up Tin Toy


Name/s: Robotank Z
Brand: ?
Model: MS371
Origin: China
First sighting: 2010s?
Class: Wind Up Robots, Robot Tanks
Height: 10cm approx.
Weight: 91g
Materials: Tin plate
Power: Wind up (clockwork)

Primary Functions

  • Erratically moves around using wheels underneath
  • Arms (holding levers both sides) move forward and back

Other Features

  • All metal construction


This miniature reproduction tin toy is based on the original and much larger Nomura Robotank-Z made in the mid-1960s. The original had a very similar design with moving arms holding levers, simulating the action of controlling a real tank. The battery powered Nomura Robotank had a transparent top to the head with spinning lights, it moved around with a ‘Mystery / Bump N Go’ action, and had guns that pop out and shoot from the lower body!

Videos featuring Mini Robotank Z

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R1 Robot Tank – Wind Up Tin Toy featuring Bongo Cat!

Take a look at the R1 ROBOT TANK, a mini clockwork tin toy robot. This small but beautifully detailed wind up toy has robotic arms that move back and forth holding joystick controls, similar to those in a real tank – AWESOME!! The R1 Robot Tank is a micro reproduction of the original (and much larger) Nomura Z R1 Robot tank built in the 1960s. When you wind up him up he whizzes off with a lot of speed. He raced all over my house and I eventually find him amongst my other tin toy robots on the shelf. 🙂

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