Musical Drummer Robot

Musical Drummer Robot - Tin Toy China Musical Drummer Robot - Tin Toy China


Name/s: Musical Drummer Robot (R57)
Brand: Unknown
Origin: China
First sighting: Unknown
Class: Musical Robots, Wind Up Robots
Height: 22cm approx.
Weight: 322g
Materials: Tin plate
Power: Wind up (clockwork)

Primary Functions

  • Plays the metal drum: both arms raise up and down as it walks
  • Walking

Other Features

  • Detachable drum


The original Musical Drummer Robot was produced by Nomura (Japan) in 1956. It was battery powered via an external wired battery box. The square battery box was in the shape of a robot head with pushable red buttons for eyes to control the robot. They also featured light up eyes and a flashing small light on its chest panel. Original Nomura versions of the Musical Drummer Robot are extremely rare to find. I’ve yet to find the name of the manufacturer of the Chinese reproduction as pictured. The only clue is the model code TR2021 found on the box.

Videos featuring Musical Drummer Robot

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The Little Drumming Robot – Retro Musical Windup Toy

This retro musical drummer robot toy is closely based on the 1956 Nomura R57 drumming robot. This particular toy robot has a spring windup mechanism, beautifully detailed lithographic designs replicating the original and is considerably more affordable than the 1950s Nomura robot! 🙂 The tinplate robot stands nearly 9 inches tall. He isn’t as little as the video title might suggest but he certainly has bigger brothers on the shelf.

THIS IS SO LOUD! Epic Drumming Robot Toy

This tin toy robot is SO LOUD and will really annoy your neighbours 🙂 A clockwork musical drummer robot with awesome walking and drumming action. Beautiful lithographic designs and detail from every angle. This one is a beauty and one of the first tinplate robot toys I bought.

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