New Bright Star Fighter Robot

New Bright Star Fighter Robot (Red) New Bright Star Fighter Robot (Red)


Name/s: Star Fighter Robot
Brand: New Bright
Origin: Hong Kong
First sighting: 1970s
Class: Rotate-O-Matic Robots
Height: 24.5cm approx.
Weight: 456g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery operated (requires 2 C-cell batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Stop/Start Walking
  • Rotate-o-Matic (Rotating Upper Torso)
  • Flashing light up chest guns

Other Features

  • Aladdin lamp logo appears on battery compartment cover
  • Moveable arms
  • Hinged chest guns
  • Chrome face details
  • Aerodynamic fins atop head
  • Circular ringed ear antennae
*Note: The chrome detailing shown on the arms and legs in the pictured robot isn’t original. Just some questionable after-market customisation.

History and Robot Family

White, black and white/red versions of the Star Fighter robots were also made with complimentary reddish orange chest guns. Later version sold during the 1980s had a redesigned box with a ‘Star Wars’-esque name design. A not-so-subtle marketing ploy to cash in on its popularity at the time.

Videos featuring Star Fighter Robot

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Star Fighter Robot – Glow in the Dark Vintage Space Toy

Introducing STAR FIGHTER an awesome vintage rotate-o-matic fighting robot. Whilst firing his laser cannons they light up making him glow in the dark! EPIC!! ^_^ The Star Fighter robot 1120 was produced by New Bright, Hong Kong, in the 1970s. They made many variations – black, grey, red, white and two-tone. Some rare ones also have glow in the dark ears, eyes and nose pieces.

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