New Bright Strobot Robot

Strobot - Toy Robot with Strobe Lighting Strobot - Toy Robot with Strobe Lighting


Name/s: Strobot (Strobe Robot)
Brand: New Bright (New Bright Industrial Co., Ltd.)
Origin: Hong Kong
First sighting: 1984
Class: Smoking Robots, Robots with Laser Blasters
Height: 41cm approx.
Weight: 1.106kg
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery operated (4 AA batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Start/stop walking
  • Smoking action from mouth grill
  • Strobe lighting down each translucent arm
  • Laser blaster arm raises with shooting sounds
  • Flashing Eyes

Other Features

  • Headphones act as a carry handle
  • On/off switch plus test mode button on left foot
  • Aladdin lamp New Bright logo on back

Robot Family

New Bright also produced a few other robots in the 1980s with similar designs including: the Walking Talking ‘Toby’ robot, Robotron RT-2 and Magnatron MT-2.

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Strobot 3000 – Smoking Toy Robot with Strobe Lights

STROBOT 3000 is a smoking robot toy with awesome strobe lighting effects. The robot walks forward with flashing eyes and strobe lights set inside the translucent arms. It raises his arm, fires with a ‘rat-a-tat-tat’ sound and smoke billows out of its mouth. EPIC!! Made by New Bright International Co. in the mid 1980s (1984) this toy is huge! at around 18 inches tall. I love the retro graphics on the chest panel and the MC badge. I also love that the headphones double up as a useful handle to carry the toy around. There is an on/off switch on the back of the head as well as a ‘quick demo’ button on the left foot. It takes 4 AA batteries that neatly hide inside the sculpted back panel. To make the robot smoke you add a couple of drops of vegetable oil into a tiny hole on his head.

Ghostbusters vs. Robots! – 1980s Toys, Ecto 1 & Strobot

The Ghostbusters crew battle the mighty ghost robots in a mini movie showdown of epic proportion. Vintage ghostbusters toys against classic clockwork robots (robots vs humans) – who will be victorious? Featuring proton gun visual effects, the ghostbusters car ecto 1, strobe lighting and a bucketful of awesome – PREPARE FOR EPIC! If your soul was lifted by this short video and homage to all that’s robotic, then please leave a like and a comment – it really helps my channel. Thanks. ^_^

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