Playwell Talk-A-Tron Robot

Playwell Talk-a-Tron Talking Robot Toy Playwell Talk-a-Tron Talking Robot Toy


Name/s: Talk-A-Tron
Brand: Playwell
Origin: Hong Kong
First sighting: 1980s?
Class: Talking Robots, Robots with Voice Amplifier,
Height: 27cm approx.
Weight: 538g (715g with controller)
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery powered (2 D-cell batteries plus 1 ‘9V’ battery)

Primary Functions

  • Voice amplifier – Speak into the mic on the wired controller and Talk-A-Tron will say it in a robotic voice
  • Remote controlled multi-directional movement (forward, backwards, left, right)
  • Siren noise with variable frequency control
  • Light up eyes

Other Features

  • Wired external remote controller – looks like an old ‘brick-style’ mobile phone
  • Poseable arms
  • Hands open to grip objects
  • Rotatable antennae

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Playwell TALK-A-TRON – Walkie Talkie Toy Robot with Voice Amplifier

Meet TALK-A-TRON, a vintage 1980s toy robot made by Playwell. This awesome retro robot comes with a wired controller styled like an old brick telephone. Talk-a-tron can spin and move around, emit a loud robotic beeping sound with frequency manipulator and can speak with your voice using the built in voice amplifier – EPIC!! As it moves around the eyes light up. The arms are also free to move and grab things with its robot claw hands.

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