R-1 Rescue Robot

Yellow R-1 Rescue Robot from Rocket USA Yellow R-1 Rescue Robot from Rocket USA


Name/s: R-1 Rescue Robot
Brand: Rocket USA
First sighting: 2003
Origin: USA
Class: Bump N Go Robots
Height: 34.5cm approx.
Weight: 675g
Materials: Tin Plate
Power: Battery operated (requires 2 AA batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Constant Bump N Go (Mystery Action)
  • Flashing / flickering eyes and head dome

Other Features

  • Free swinging arms
  • Skirted design
  • Illustration of two pilots in the cockpit


Rocket USA produced a series of 5 robots in this series, likely as an homage to the infamous ‘Gang of Five’ by Masudaya. As well as this bright yellow robot there are blue, grey and red versions as well as an unpainted ‘bare metal’ version. I’ve also seen blue and red versions with different coloured side bands and chest plate illustrations.

Robot Family

These bump-n-go robots have inherited many design details from skirted robots made in the 1960s including triangular front vents, a circular ‘belly-button’ design, free swinging arms, claw hands and lots of rivets!

Videos featuring R-1 Rescue Robot

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Repairing My R-1 Rescue Robot // Yellow Tin Toy by Rocket USA

I broke my R-1 Robot. 🙁 In this video I repair my tin toy robot with a bit of soldering and a pencil! My bright yellow bump n go robot toy is one of five made by Rocket USA as an homage to Masudaya’s original Gang of Five made in the late fifties and sixties. My version is the ‘Rescue Robot’, but ironically it was the one that needed rescuing.

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