Rocket USA Bright ‘N’ Shiny Bender Wind Up Tin Toy

Bright N Shiny Bender - Wind Up Tin Toy by Rocket USA Bright N Shiny Bender - Wind Up Tin Toy by Rocket USA


Name/s: Bright ‘N’ Shiny Bender
Brand: Rocket USA
Origin: USA
First sighting: 2001
Class: Wind Up Robots
Height: 21cm approx.
Weight: 189g
Materials: Tin plate
Power: Wind Up (Clockwork)

Primary Functions

  • Walking
  • Swaying Arms

Other Features

  • Chest door compartment can be opened
  • Posable eyes
  • Mouth changes design when you spin it left and right
  • Detachable cigar accessory
  • Can of ‘Moms Old Fashioned Robot Oil’ that Bender can hold in his hand

Robot Family

Rocket USA produced other Futurama wind up tin toys including: Bender (grey), Gender Bender (Bender in a tutu), URL (Police officer robot) and Nibbler.

Videos featuring Bright ‘N’ Shiny Bender

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Bender Robot Tin Toy – “Bite My Shiny Metal” #1

Featuring Bright N Shiny Bender (the wind up toy robot) and URL (tinplate action figure) from Futurama! Follow Bender’s story as he goes on a walk, meeting some unlikely characters before running into NNYPD’s finest robot crime fighter. This video is another micro mashup of vintage toy review and offbeat entertainment. Prepare for EPIC… ^_^

Bender’s Revenge – “Bite My Shiny Metal” #2 Futurama toys

Futurama’s Bright ‘n’ Shiny Bender IS BACK! This is the story of what Bender did next after his embarrassing encounter with Url, NNYPD’s finest robot crime fighter. Featuring Nelson Muntz and Bart from The Simpsons. Enjoy!! ^_^

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