S.H. Horikawa Space Scout Robot

Horikawa Space Scout Robot Horikawa Space Scout Robot


Name/s: Space Scout
Brand: S.H. Horikawa
Origin: Japan
First sighted: 1970s
Class: Television Robots
Height: 25cm approx.
Weight: 432g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery operated (requires 2 C-cell batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Stop/Start Walking
  • Space Scene Projection

Other Features

  • Lots of chrome detailing
  • Moveable arms

History and Robot Family

S.H. Horikawa sold many toy robot designs from the late 1950s onward. In the 1970s they produced a range of robots in this dark blue colour including the Engine Robot, Super Space Commander and Excavator Robot. The twin of the Space Scout was the Horikawa Engine Robot; a piston robot with smoking action. It used the same body parts, the same chrome detailing and the same ‘Cadillac fin’ inspired ear designs. S.H. Horikawa was essentially a wholesaler of toy robots. They outsourced the production of their toys to other Japanese manufacturing companies like Metal House. This wasn’t an uncommon practise, as Metal House produced robots and space toys for several other companies.

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Vintage Toy Robot Japan – Horikawa Space Scout

The Horikawa Space Scout vintage toy robot is such an iconic design from the early 1970s. Made in Japan, this plastic robot toy has a TV screen in its chest showing a projection of a space station and distant galaxies – EPIC! The dark blue and chrome finish is synonymous with a few other Horikawa robot designs from this era.

Look Inside Vintage Toy Robots! Saturn TV Space Scenes

Ever wondered what’s inside vintage toy robots? Well I take a look at two classic television screen robot designs from the 1970s and 1980s and show you the magic. It’s not high tech, but interesting if you’re a geek like me. Featuring the Kamco Saturn Robot (rare colour version) and Horikawa Space Scout.

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