Space Commander Robot

Space Commander Robot Space Commander Robot


Name/s: Space Commander Robot
Brand: AC ?
Origin: China
First sighting: 1980s or 1990s
Class: Robots with Laser Blasters
Height: 38cm approx.
Weight: 636g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery powered (4 AA batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Walking
  • Lights: flashing eyes, satellite dish and ear mounted antennae
  • 4 different laser blaster sound effects with synchronised blaster lighting

Other Features

  • Detachable shield
  • Gold accents
  • Space scene illustration on torso panel sticker


Not much in known about this robot or its maker. There is a logo on the battery compartment cover showing the initials AC inside a cog/gear symbol. There is also a big proud sticker labelled ‘Made in China’.

Videos featuring Space Commander Robot

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Epic Space Commander Robot Toy with Laser Gun Sound Effects

This is one EPIC robot toy! The Space Commander robot has flashing light up eyes, a rotatable satellite dish, a pair of light up gold antenna ears, a super space shield and one awesome laser gun. At the end of the video I demonstrate the four laser gun sound effects as well. The robot design is loud and brash and I love it. Nothing subtle here. It even proudly displays its “Made in China” credentials with a sticker to the rear. You’ll notice the battery compartment doesn’t close properly with its batteries inside. LOL 😉 This robot has one evil golden grin, hypnotic red eyes and a jaunty, wobbling walk that just adds to his character. The vibrant retro graphics inspired me to dig out the funkylicious fabric backdrop, which I admit has made the video a bit psychadelic.

Space Commander Robot | Awesome Laser Gun Sound Effects

Meet your Space Commander. A fearsome (toy) robot warrior with laser gun, shield and satellite transmitter! AWESOME ^_^ Its robot eyes, antenna ears, laser pistol and satellite dish all light up and flash as it walks. COOL! The best feature is the unique laser gun sound effects it can produce by pressing the buttons on the robot’s chest.

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