Star Robot (Nite-Glow Colour)

Star Robot (Stormtrooper with Nite-Glow)


Name/s: Star Robot
Brand: C DI ?
Origin: Hong Kong
First sighting: Probably 1980s
Class: Rotate-o-matic Robot
Height: 29cm approx.
Weight: 422g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery powered (2 D batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Walking
  • Rotate-o-matic action (spinning torso, opening doors, light up chest cannons)

Other Features

  • Glow in the dark highlights on helmet
  • Poseable arms


With the release of the first Star Wars movie in 1977 the interest in science fiction grew to new heights. Star Wars toys proved extremely popular amongst collectors and this had an influence on East Asian manufacturers. Star Robot is a good example of this. Made in Hong Kong, likely in the early to mid-1980s, the head design is an obvious rip-off of the Stormtrooper helmet design. I’ve seen several different Stormtrooper inspired robots made during this era, it was a blatant attempt to cash-in on the popularity of the film franchise.

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