Super Astronaut Robot

Lucky Star Super Astronaut Robot with Rotate-o-Matic action Lucky Star Super Astronaut Robot - Pink and Blue


Name/s: Space Astronaut
Brand: Lucky Star
Origin: Taiwan
First sighting: 1992
Class: Rotate-O-Matic Robots
Height: 30cm approx.
Weight: 658g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery powered (2 D-cell batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Stop/start walking
  • Rotate-O-Matic action
  • Flashing light up eyes
  • Rat-at-at sound effects

Other Features

  • Vivid pink and blue colour scheme
  • Metal plate door covers and silver dial panel below


There are two known versions:
  1. Pink head, body, feet — Blue antennae, eyes, arms, legs — Purple lower torso plate and soles
  2. Blue head, body — Pink antennae, eyes, arms, legs, soles — Purple feet

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ROBOT BATTLE! – Get ready for an awesome synchronized robot battle, where two heavyweight rotate-o-matic toy robots go head to head!! In the pink corner is Super Astronaut Robot from Lucky Star Enterprise & Co. This awesome spinning, shooting, fighting toy robot is a perfect match for Space Evil Robot. Who will win the epic robot showdown? ^_^

May contain awesome robots. Please read description…

This video doesn’t contain robots that you just HAVE to see to believe. It doesn’t contain a top 10 list of the MOST advanced robots on the planet and it isn’t a boring generic compilation of the robotic gadgets you MUST buy in 2018. Don’t be shocked if you witness a different type of robot video. One that is mesmerising at first yet becomes more awesome as you keep watching. You are not alone. You are only human after all. If your spirit is lifted by this mechanical mash up of creativity and robot awesomeness – congratulations! You are now worthy of taking the next step.

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