Thinkway Toys Interaction EVE Robot

Interaction Eve Robot - Interactive WALL-E Toy by Thinkway Toys Interaction Eve Robot - Interactive WALL-E Toy by Thinkway Toys


Name/s: Interaction Eve, Interactive Eve
Brand: Thinkway Toys
Origin: Canada
First sighting: 2008
Class: Interactive Robots, Talking Robots
Height: 28.5cm approx.
Weight: 456g (including stand)
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery powered (3 AA batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Sound activated actions (will interact with Interaction WALL-E toy)
  • Talking and giggling
  • Eyes light up and change shape for different expressions
  • Head rotates left and right
  • Arms move up and down
  • Flying sound effects when Eve is held horizontally
  • Shooting sound effects when blaster arm is raised

Other Features

  • Blaster cannon pops out when you press button on arm
  • Detachable transparent stand with wheels
  • ‘Demo’ mode button

Videos featuring Thinkway Toys Interaction Eve

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Wall-E Interaction Eve Toy – Disney Pixar Thinkway Toys

Electronic Talking Wall-E EVE toy from Thinkway Toys. An interactive toy robot from the Disney Pixar film Wall-E. This interaction toy robot moves her head and arms, says a variety of phrases from the movie, makes flying noises when tilted and shoots her cannon blaster with cool sound effects when you lift her arm. AWESOME! Eve is just as cute and adorable as she is in the movie. An incredible toy with hours of entertainment value! ^_^ She’ll even interact with the Wall-E interaction toy.

Talking Wall E and Eve Toys have a Conversation

In this video I put the interactive Wall-e and Eve robot toys together and they talk to each other. I think there’s something kinda cute and wonderful seeing them move and have a conversation with one another. Both Wall-E and Eve are official Disney Pixar interactive toys made by ThinkWay Toys. They are getting rare to find these days and are quite fragile if played with too much. I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching. Much love. 😀

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