Thinkway Toys Interaction WALL-E

Thinkway Toys Interactive Talking WALL-E Thinkway Toys Interactive Talking WALL-E


Name/s: Interaction WALL-E, Interactive WALL-E
Brand: Thinkway Toys
Origin: Canada
First sighting: 2008
Class: Interactive Robots, Talking Robots
Height: 18.5cm approx.
Weight: 560g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery operated (requires 3 AA batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Sound activated actions (will interact with Interaction Eve toy)
  • Talking
  • Eyes pulse on and off
  • Head rotates left and right
  • Arms move up and down
  • Robotic sound effects

Other Features

  • Poseable arms and fingers
  • Front door panel opens
  • Moveable rubber tracks
  • Manual activation and ‘Demo’ buttons

Videos featuring Thinkway Toys Interaction WALL-E

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Wall-E meets Eve (and a cat) – Talking Thinkway Toys

Interactive talking Wall-E toy and transforming Eve robot from Thinkway Toys. In this video Wall-E meets Eve and instantly falls in love. Along the way he also meet my cat and does a lot of talking and frantic arm waving. ^_^ Features Wall-E dancing, a hand holding attempt and cute moments galore.

WALL-E and EVE vs. The Giant Saturn ROBOT

Wall-E and Eve discover a giant Saturn Robot approaching. Uh oh! Interactive Wall-E and Transforming Eve toys do battle with the robot in this ultimate showdown. Can Eve save the day? Who will be victorious?

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