Tiger Electronics (Tomy) 2-XL Robot

Tomy 2-XL Robot Tomy 2-XL Robot


Name/s: 2-XL
Brand: Tiger Electronics (UK versions were re-branded as Tomy)
Origin: USA
First sighting: 1992
Class: Talking Robots
Height: 27cm approx.
Weight: 936g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery powered (4 D-cell batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Multi-Track Cassette Tape Player
  • Talking
  • Light Up Flashing Eyes
  • Flashing Mouth Synchronised with the Sound

Other Features

  • Play, stop and rewind buttons
  • Volume dial
  • External power and headphone jack/ports
  • 4 buttons to answer questions and initiate the track change mechanism
  • Rear back pocket to hold 2 extra cassettes


The name 2-XL does not mean “Extra-Large times two”, but instead is a pun of the phrase “To excel”. The original 2-XL toy was invented and patented by Michael J. Freeman. It was licensed to the MEGO Toy Corporation (USA) and was marketed by them from 1978 to 1981. It played 8-track tapes instead of regular cassette tapes. In 1992 the 2-XL was revamped and re-introduced by Tiger Electronics. The toy proved so popular it was sold in different countries outside the US. The tapes were translated and re-packaged for different markets. The UK version of the 2-XL was branded by Tomy, like the one I own.

How 2-XL works

Tomy 2-XL is a really ingenious cassette tape player with multi-track changer mechanism. The cassette tapes (programs) have multiple tracks available to play, so that 2-XL can respond to your answers and play different tracks depending on your input choices. Using a cassette tapes inherent left and right audio channels as well as its two sides, 2-XL can play one of four different audio tracks. What’s interesting is that the reverse side of the tape is recorded backwards so 2-XL plays it in reverse to sound correct. Cool! You make your choices using one of the four lower buttons marked: 1, 2, 3 and 4 as well as ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘true’ and ‘false’. I believe the robot also has an onboard memory that allows it record and recall your button choices. The robot has a really funny personality with strict rules that you MUST follow! You can’t help but smile when listening to him!

Videos featuring Tomy 2-XL

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Meet Tomy 2XL – The 1990s Toy Robot Cassette Tape Player

It’s time to play with TOMY 2XL, a 1990s toy robot that’s a cassette tape player with a difference. 2-XL tells jokes, stories, asks questions and even encourages you to exercise with some rad 80s music that’s straight out of an aerobics workout video. Did you answer all of his quiz questions correctly? Let me know in the comments below. 😀

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