Tomy Palitoy Talking Dalek

Palitoy Dalek Toy Robot Palitoy Dalek Toy Robot


Name/s: Talking Dalek
Brand/s: Palitoy, Tomy
Origin: UK (Made in Hong Kong)
First sighting: 1975
Class: Talking Robots
Height: 15.5cm
Weight: 224g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery operated (requires 2 AA batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Talking – press the button on its head and it says a few iconic Dalek phrases eg. “Exterminate!”

Other Features

  • Poseable guns
  • Free spinning rubber wheels underneath

Talking Dalek Mechanism

The talking mechanism on these old robots worked liked an old record player! A stylus would be guided along the grooves of a spinning plastic disc and the recorded Dalek voice would play through the internal speaker.


Three versions were made in the 1970s by Palitoy: a grey version with blue hemispheres, a red version with black hemispheres and the rarest version, grey with black hemispheres.

Videos featuring the Palitoy Dalek

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Doctor Who and the Daleks Action Figure Film (with Tardis Sound Effects)

EXTERMINATE! Doctor Who meets his arch nemesis the Daleks in a short animated action figure adventure film. Featuring the 10th Doctor (David Tennant), a (very old and vintage) Dalek toy and the infamous Tardis with epic sci-fi sound effects! A short stop motion animation (experimental fan film) featuring vintage Dr Who toys and action figures.

My Toy Robot Collection // 2018 UPDATE

Here’s an updated video of the toy robots that are currently in my collection. I have a mixture of both old vintage robots as well as modern tin plate reproductions. This is mainly because original tin toy robots from the golden era go for ridiculously high amounts of money. Most ordinary folks, me included, just cannot justify spending that much! Early on in my collecting journey I came to the conclusion that I’d rather have several reproductions that work, rather than one rusty shelf queen that doesn’t. It’s the magic of these toy robots coming alive and moving that is the fun part!

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