VTech WALL-E Learning Laptop

VTech WALL-E Learning Laptop VTech WALL-E Learning Laptop - Winking


Name/s: WALL-E Learning Laptop
Brand: VTech
Origin: Hong Kong
First Sighting: 2008
Class: Disney Robots
Height: 28.5cm approx.
Weight: 1kg
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery powered (requires 3 AA batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Front panel opens up to reveal a QWERTY keyboard, game selector, on/off and volume buttons
  • 3 inch LCD screen displays the games
  • Certain actions cause one of WALL-E’s eyes to wink!
  • Twisting the hands 90 degrees is an alternative input method
  • Game sounds

WALL-E Learning Laptop

There are a range of educational activities to play in each category: letters, words, numbers, logic and games. Check out the videos below to see a couple of them in action.

Videos featuring solar powered WALL-E Learning Laptop

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VTech WALL-E Learning Laptop – Disney Pixar Walle

Disney Pixar’s Wall-E educational laptop for children. A short video demonstration of this awesome interactive computer from VTech. Apart from being an amazing display piece for Disney, Pixar, Wall-E and, of course, robot fans alike, it is packed full of educational games for kids to play. Choose from five categories: Letter, Words, Numbers, Logic & Games. It has a retrotastic block pixel LCD display and flip down qwerty keyboard.

WALL-E Laptop Find the Plant Game – Play along fun

Help Wall-E locate the plant in this fun retro game for kids. Choose the correct robot that took the plant. Can you beat level 3? This Disney Vtech Wall-e learning laptop is great fun and super educational for kids of all ages – I hope you enjoy the video. ^_^

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  1. Witam. Posiadam Wall.e (53-682-942-080) laptop zabawka, ale mówi w języku obcym (hiszpański/portugalski), czy jest możliwość wgrania języka polskiego!? W obcym języku dziecko nic nie rozumie 😒 i zabawka przestaje być atrakcyjna 🤔

    1. Sorry, I don’t believe you can change languages on this Wall-E toy. 🙁 Perhaps you need to find a “secret reset button” like the one on Buzz in Toy Story 3. 🙂

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