Walk-Bot, Wiggle-Bot and Wave-Bot (Build A Robot kits by Templar Publishing)

Walk-Bot, Wiggle-Bot and Wave-Bot from Build A Robot kit by Templar Publishing


Name/s: Walk-Bot, Wiggle-Bot and Wave-Bot
Brand: Templar Publishing
Origin: London, UK
First Sighting: 2016
Class: Wind Up Robots
Height: Walk-Bot: 19cm,
Wiggle-Bot: 16cm
Wave-Bot: 18cm
Weight: Walk-Bot: 55g
Wiggle-Bot: 48g
Wave-Bot: 57g
Materials: Cardboard with plastic motors
Power: Wind up (clockwork)

Primary Functions

  • Walk-Bot “attempts” to walk with large amounts of waddling and constant falling over
  • Wiggle-Bot “tries” to wiggle but is incredibly stubborn and won’t wiggle at all sometimes
  • Wave-Bot “happily” waves at his friends and bobs his head up and down

Other features

  • Robots are assembled from pre-cut cardboard templates
  • Robots come with a large illustrated book on the history of robotics plus instructions on how to make the robots

Videos featuring Walk-Bot, Wiggle-Bot and Wave-Bot

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How to Make a Walking Robot out of Cardboard

Learn how to make a walking robot out of cardboard. In this video I show you how I built a wind up robot model from a cardboard construction toy set. With a small motor inside the model, the robot waddles and walks in the most goofiest way. It’s truly a thing of beauty.

The making process also wasn’t an easy ride and well… mistakes were made… several times. Enjoy! ^_^

Making a Dancing Paper Robot – A Lesson in Persistence

In the second part of my Build a Robot mini-series you’ll see me attempt to make a dancing robot called a Wiggle Bot. This primitive cardboard construction toy is a fun paper craft project for kids to make – but PERSISTENCE is key!

WAVE BOT – Building a Cardboard Robot – Part 3

In the final part of my 3 part mini series I assemble Wave Bot, a comical cardboard model from the Build a Robot book and construction set by Templar Publishing. Wave Bot is a robotic caped crusader that loves to dance and have fun with his friends Wiggle Bot and Walk Bot.

Wave Bot is constructed from printed pre-cut cardboard pieces and a simple plastic wind-up motor. The set of three ‘Build a Robot’ toys would make a great gift for kids – just don’t expect them to work perfectly!

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