WowWee Coder Mip Robot

WowWee Coder Mip Self-Balancing Toy Robot Coder Mip Robot by WowWee


Name/s: Coder Mip
Brand: WowWee Robotics
Origin: Hong Kong
First sighting: 2016
Class: Self-Balancing Robots, App Controlled Robots
Height: 19cm
Weight: 464g (with chunky wheels attached)
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery operated (built-in rechargeable battery)

Primary Functions

  • Self-balancing
  • App controllable
  • Controllable via hand gestures in front of motion sensor
  • Light up flashing eyes
  • Mip sounds
  • Light up chest panel. The colour identifies the game mode

Other Features

  • Works with both the classic Mip app and Coder Mip app
  • Various game modes in Mip app
  • Poseable arms
  • Large chunky tyres. An extra accessory to fit over existing wheels
  • See-saw stunt ramp also included in set


WowWee are well known as technological innovators in the toy world. The Mobile Inverted Pendulum system used in MiP was very unique at the time. It was perfected with help from the Coordinated Robotics Lab at the University of California, San Diego.

What’s different about Coder Mip

Well, apart from the new transparent shell, pinkish red accents and accessories, Coder Mip’s main feature is the functions on the new Coder Mip app. The new app allows you to create simple programs that are sequences of actions and instructions. When you play a program Coder Mip follows the instructions. Although the amount of actions you can choose from is limited, it’s still a fun way for young children to learn about coding.

Videos featuring Coder Mip

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Coder MIP Robot – Unboxing Toy Review

Let’s unbox CODER MIP. The self balancing toy robot from WowWee Robotics has had a major upgrade. Mip has got a new clear plastic body, bigger wheels, a stunt ramp and a new coding app to control him. In this video I’ll show you what’s in the box, how the new ramp works, how the big wheels fit and explain how to create projects on the Coder Mip app to control him with infinite creative combinations. Let me know what you think of Coder Mip in the comments below.

Mip vs Coder Mip comparison – PLUS epic ROBOT BATTLE

In this video I compare Coder Mip vs Mip – the awesome self-balancing robot toys from WowWee Robotics. I explain the differences in their appearance, how they work and the new accessories that come with Coder Mip. Near the end of the video there is the inevitable epic MIP ROBOT BATTLE! Check it out to see who wins and thanks for watching!

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