WowWee Mip Robot

WowWee Robotics Mip Self-Balancing Robot Toy WowWee Robotics Mip Self-Balancing Robot Toy


Name/s: Mip
Brand: WowWee Robotics
Origin: Hong Kong
First Sighting: 2014
Class: Self-Balancing Robot, App Controlled Robot
Height: 19cm approx.
Weight: 319g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery powered (requires 4 AAA batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Self-balancing
  • App controllable
  • Controllable via hand gestures in front of motion sensor
  • Light up flashing eyes
  • Mip sounds
  • Light up chest panel. The colour identifies the game mode

Other Features

  • Various game modes in Mip app
  • Poseable arms


WowWee are well known as technological innovators in the toy world. The Mobile Inverted Pendulum system used in MiP was very unique at the time. It was perfected with help from the Coordinated Robotics Lab at the University of California, San Diego. The feature allows Mip to balance on two wheels whilst moving around and performing stunts.

Videos featuring Mip

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MiP vs. Batman – with EPIC robot dance battle

An epic showdown between MiP, the self-balancing toy robot from WowWee and Batman. 3 rounds of silliness for your entertainment. Enjoy! ;D Best of 3 rounds – place your bets! Round 1 – Lifting Round 2 – Tricks Round 3 – Dancing!! Plus, don’t miss the bonus FAIL clip at the very end. LOL!

MiP vs. The Obstacle Course – MiP Robot Tricks

In my second MiP challenge video, MiP takes on THE OBSTACLE COURSE! Using robot tricks mode and some memorized commands, MiP tries to complete the course. Do you think he can do it? Video includes plenty of fail moments and epic spontaneous MiP dance fails, LOL!

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