WowWee Robotics Robosapien RS Media

WowWee Robotics Robosapien RS Media Toy Robot WowWee Robotics Robosapien RS Media Toy Robot


Name/s: Robosapien RS Media
Brand: WowWee Robotics
Origin: Hong Kong
First Sighting: 2006
Class: Remote Controlled Robots, Talking Robots
Height: 57cm approx.
Weight: 4kg
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery powered (6 D-cell and 4 AA batteries for Robosapien plus 3 AA batteries for the remote)

Primary Functions

  • Fully articulated remote controlled movements – head, arms, hands, waist and legs
  • Robosapien can talk, walk, play music and dance
  • Robosapien can perform pre-programmed action sequences: sit down, lie down, stand up, throw, grab, drop, place, chop, roll, push, wave
  • Free roam mode: move around unassisted
  • Rotating light up eyes
  • Flinch response: place something very close to eyes and Robosapien will flinch
  • Close range infrared vision – track objects up to 6 inches away using head
  • Long range infrared vision – track objects from 6 to 24 inches away using head and upper torso
  • Obstacle avoidance using IR vision system
  • Colour recognition: track red, green or blue objects
  • Take photographs
  • Record sounds
  • Record video
  • Multi-media playback: audio, photo and video
  • Sonic sensors: listens to and tracks sounds (first with head, then walks towards sound)
  • Tilt sensors: detect if knocked over or face down
  • Grip sensors: detect if picked up object successfully
  • Foot sensors: foot bumper buttons to avoid obstacles
  • Guard mode: sounds alarm if sound or vision sensors are triggered
  • Robot interaction: Robosapien will interact with Robsapien V2, Roboreptile, Roboraptor and Robopet
  • Play Java games on its built-in LCD screen
  • Play your own music or video or games (using SD card slot)
  • Change personality profiles

Other features

  • Media playback control buttons on hands
  • SD card slot behind left shoulder
  • Ports for external connectors behind right shoulder
  • Wireless infrared controller included
  • RS Media editing software included on CD for advanced customisation


This is the third generation of the Robosapien toy robots from WowWee Robotics. It came in one colour, silver and orange and was packed with technological features, as you can see from the long list above. Its predecessor Robosapien V2 came out a year earlier in 2005. It had a similar body size, shape and design but without the media features. It came with bowling pins and a ball plus was available in three colours: red, white or blue. The original mark 1 Robosapien was released in 2004. It had a smaller body design with squat neck and high shoulders. Like all Robosapien’s it could walk, dance and perform Robosapien’s signature move of picking up objects. The Robosapien mark 1 was released in several colour variants, the most common being white with black accents.

Videos featuring Robosapien RS Media

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Robosapien RS Media – Robot Dancing, Motion Tracking & Yoga

Robosapien RS Media toy robot from WowWee Robotics. This robot is incredible!! Motion tracking, sound tracking, flinch reflex, programmable full body motion, personality swapping – not to mention the awesome built-in music system and video games. :-O

RIDE EM COWBOY! Robosapien Robot Does The Barn Dance

YEEEE HAAW!!!! Ride ’em cowboy! WowWee Robosapien Robot Does the Barn Dance. Meet Billy Joel Sapien an awesome cowboy robot personality for Robosapien RS Media. This incredible interactive toy shows us his robot dance moves in an epic “Barn Dance” performance. Hopefully he’ll remember his routine though! Robosapien RS Media is a humanoid, walking, talking, multi-media toy robot.

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