WowWee Tri-Bot Robot

WowWee Robotics Tri-Bot Robot WowWee Robotics Tri-Bot Robot


Name/s: Tri-Bot
Brand: WowWee Robotics
Origin: Hong Kong
First sighting: 2007
Class: Talking Robots, Robots with Wheels
Height: 39cm approx.
Weight: 1.476kg
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery powered (8 AA batteries plus 3 AAA batteries for the remote controller)

Primary Functions

  • Remote controlled via IR controller
  • Talking robot
  • Eyes and mouth light up
  • Eyebrows wiggle up and down
  • Ears and head-reflector pop out when he gets excited
  • Various modes: Demo mode, Game mode, Room Guard mode, Alarm mode, Free Roam mode
  • Record and playback sequences of movements

Other Features

  • Poseable arms
  • Tilt adjustable torso position
  • Carry handle behind shoulders

What can Tri-Bot do?

Alarm mode

In this mode Tri-Bot will sound an alarm after a set time interval. You set the amount of time by pressing down on its head. Each press equals one minute. The alarm is really loud! Check out the video below to see it in action.

Guard mode

In Guard mode Tri-Bot will sound the alarm when its disturbed by intruders. If you move in front of its motion sensors or press the wrong button on the remote, the alarm will sound.

Demo mode

In this mode Tri-Bot performs a pre-programmed sequence of actions, explaining what he can do with a jump scare at the end. 😉

Free roaming mode

In this mode Tri-Bot will roam freely across the room. It avoids obstacles and talks along the way.

Game mode

There are, predictably, three games to play: The Pattern Game, the Maze Game and the Minefield Game. Each one requires you to watch and then copy a sequence of movements that Tri-Bot performs.

Videos featuring WowWee Tri-Bot

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Tri-Bot Robots from WowWee

Meet WowWee Tri-Bot, the three wheeled toy robot with funny facial expressions and personality. He likes to play games, tell jokes and sound his alarm system just to scare you, so watch out! In this toy demonstration I show you what Tri-Bot Mini and his bigger brother Tri-Bot can do. Thanks for watching and let me know in the comments below what you think about the robots.

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