Yearlo Star Defender Robot (Star Kavass)

Star Defender (Star Kavass) Toy Robot by Yearlo (Yearoo) Star Defender (Star Kavass) Toy Robot by Yearlo (Yearoo)


Name/s: Star Defender, Star Kavass, Atom 7, Mr. Astrobot, Sheen Sentinel
Brand: Yearlo (often incorrectly called Yearoo or Year-o)
Origin: China
First sighting: 2000s?
Class: Talking Robots
Height: 25cm approx.
Weight: 481g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery powered (4 AA batteries)

Primary Functions

  • Walking
  • Talking
  • Shooting sound effects
  • Light up eyes, mouth and shoulder panels
  • Light up spinning rotor blades
  • Head rotates left then right
  • Arms sway forward and back
  • Pauses to shoot foam discs from its mouth

Other Features

  • Foam discs are refilled via an opening on the top of the head
  • Stickers
  • Antennae (made of soft springy plastic)

How many names?

This toy robot has way too many names. Different boxes label it either: Star Defender, Star Kavass, Atom 7 or Mr. Astrobot and the stickers on the robot call it a ‘Sheen Sentinel’. To make matters worse the brand logo is illegible as it is often mis-spelt and mis-pronounced as Yearoo or Year-o. The culprit is the weird looking ‘L’ character made of three connecting circles. After being reliably informed and doing a bit of research myself I believe the correct brand name is ‘Yearlo’.

Robot Family

A predecessor to this robot, also made by Yearlo, is the supremely named ‘No-1 Intelligent Robot’. It is a similar looking remote control robot with the ability to slide as well as walk. Although it did not feature the illuminated spinning rotor blades of Star Defender.

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Star Defender // Walking Talking Toy Robot with Spinning LED Display

Star Defender (aka Star Kavass or Atom 7 or Mr. Astrobot) is a walking talking light up toy robot from Yearlo Toy (not Yearoo). My expectations for it were relatively low as it was a very cheap toy of Chinese origin – but boy does it deliver. The build quality is really good and the range of functions is super impressive for its cost (approx $15 delivered). The Star Defender robot walks forwards with swinging arms, it has a spinning multi-coloured light up rotor blade on its chest, it speaks a few phrases (in English) with sound effects that are synchronised with the light display from its mouth and eyes. But that’s not all! The robot rotates his head and pauses to shoot foam discs from its mouth – wow! It really is, as the box proudly states, an interstellar multi-function robot. If you are thinking of purchasing this robot – I would highly recommend it!

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