Yonezawa Laughing Robot (Happy Harry The Hysterical Robot)

Yonezawa Laughing Robot 1969 Yonezawa Laughing Robot - Happy Harry The Hysterical Robot


Name/s: Laughing Robot, Happy Harry, The Hysterical Robot
Brand: Yonezawa
First sighting: 1969
Origin: Japan
Class: Laughing Robots, Bump N Go Robots
Height: 34cm approx.
Weight: 684g
Materials: Plastic
Power: Battery operated (requires 2 or 3 D-cell batteries – see History*)

Primary Functions

  • Mystery Action (Bump-N-Go)
  • Light up head dome
  • Hysterical laughing sounds whilst…
  • Head raises
  • Shoulders move up and down
  • Mouth doors opens to reveal creepy smile

Other Features

  • Vent in the front for the speaker sounds
  • Free swinging arms


I believe the earliest version of The Laughing Robot went on sale late 1969. The toy was manufactured by Yonezawa but branded and sold by two different companies. The Waco branded ‘The Laughing Robot’ and the F.J. Strauss Co. Inc. branded (Straco) ‘The Hysterical Robot – Happy Harry’. Later versions of The Hysterical Harry came with an additional battery compartment in the rear shoulder area (likely for the speaker) to improve the toy’s electronic reliability.

Robot Family

I haven’t found any close variants of this design, it’s a unique one in the toy robot world!

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