Yoshiya KO High Wheel Robot (4 Gears)

Yoshiya KO High Wheel Robot - 4 Gears


Name/s: High Wheel Robot
Brand: Yoshiya KO Toys
Origin: Japan
First sighting: 1964 (*1967 version pictured)
Other Manufacturers: Schylling,
Ha Ha Toy,
Marxu International (Saint John)
Class: Gear Robots, Wind Up Robots
Height: 27.5cm approx. with antenna extended
Weight: 283g
Materials: Tin Plate (Plastic hands and gears)
Power: Wind up (Built=in folding key)

Primary Functions

  • Walking
  • Spinning gears inside its chest
  • Sparking action

Other Features

  • Extendable head antenna (on/off switch)
  • Robbie style legs, feet and hands
  • Deep domed eyes


As with most vintage robots there are several different versions with the same given name. The first Yoshiya version was sold in 1964 with black and red colouring and 6 small gears. A year later (1965) a blue and red version was marketed with its distinctive lime green face and wired battery box. In 1967 came the black 4 gear version as shown in the pictures. Reproductions of the High Wheel design have also been sold by Schylling, Ha Ha Toys and Marxu International (Saint John). The ones I’ve seen all feature six small gears. Original Yoshiya versions are easily distinguished with a lithographed KO diamond logo and ‘Made in Japan’ written on the backpack.


  1. Black, 6 Gears, Yoshiya, 1964
  2. Blue, 6 Gears, Battery Operated, Yoshiya, 1965
  3. Black, 4 Gears, Yoshiya, 1967
  4. Black, 6 Gears, Schylling / Haha Toy, 1990s
  5. Chrome, 6 Gears, Schylling / Haha Toy, 1990s
  6. Gold, 6 Gears, Schylling / Haha Toy, 1990s
  7. Gold, 6 Gears, Marxu (Saint John), Late 1990s or 2000s

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Original Yoshiya KO HIGH WHEEL Robot – 1960s Japan Tin Toy

In this video I showcase an original 1960s HIGH WHEEL ROBOT made by Yoshiya KO Toys in Japan in 1967. This black and red version has four gears inside its chest and is powered by the built-in folding wind up key. When you wind the key the robot walks forward, the multi-coloured gears spin around and sparks light up the chest window – AWESOME!! This beautifully styled tin toy robot has similar hands to original Yoshiya Robby robots from the same era and features huge dome shaped red eyes – EPIC!

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