BOXER ROBOT Toy Unboxing // Soccer, Stunts and Farting!

BOXER ROBOT Toy Unboxing // Soccer, Stunts and Farting!

In this video I unbox BOXER ROBOT, the latest interactive remote control toy robot from SpinMaster. Boxer may be small but he’s packed with lots of fun features and the cutest personality! 🙂 Boxer laughs, shouts, sings, dances, performs stunts and farts… really loudly!

Boxer is similar to Anki Cozmo robot. He’s small, cute, plays games and has a big personality. Boxer comes with 10 game cards that he scans like barcodes. Each card starts a different interactive game to play. Boxer can be controlled using the remote controller and there’s even an app to download which I’ll showcase in another video.

In this video I unbox the packaging, show you what’s inside and demonstrate how Boxer works. I play a bit of robot soccer, do some acrobatic stunts and have a bit of a robot dance party – COOL!

I hope you enjoy. 😀

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