Horikawa Gear Robot - Rare Original 1960s Sparking Toy Robot

Horikawa Gear Robot – Rare Original Sparking Toy Robot

Here is a super rare HORIKAWA GEAR ROBOT. This vintage Japanese toy robot made in the early 1970s measures a little over 8 inches tall has a clear plastic chest panel with 4 rotating gears and original sparking feature. The compact body is made of brightly coloured plastic and has a fixed key / windup mechanism.

This particular model is in perfect working order and displays awesomely. However… it isn’t perfect. The body clips have got damaged over the years and consequently the two halves of the main body don’t hold together properly, hence me keeping a tight grip on them as I crank the windup key in the video. A previous owner has attempted to glue the two parts together – which was only successful in melting the plastic a little around the join – not good. 🙁

Despite this, I still love this robot for its awesome looks, retro design and vivid colours. When you wind it up as much as you dare it really does have a give you a great sparking display. You can even see the burn marks on the inside of its clear chest cover. AWESOME!

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