How to get your toy ROBOTS smoking again!

How to get your toy ROBOTS smoking again!

In this video I share my journey to try to get my Smoking Spaceman toy robots to finally start smoking again.

Vintage smoke-emitting toy robots work by using an electrical filament. The wire filament is similar to the ones you see in a toaster or old lightbulbs. An electrical current passes through the wire, it heats up the wire which in turn heats up the oil and bellows fan the smoke up and outwards. But unfortunately, as with all smoking robots, the oil reservoir eventually dries out and will need replenishing. You can do this with a couple of drops of fresh new oil. But what sort of oil do you need?

In the past I’ve read that vegetable or regular cooking oil will work. Recently it has also been suggested that regular 3 in 1 lubricating oil also works. In this video I share my experiments to see which one actually works on my Smoking Spaceman toy robots.

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