Lego Wall-E and Eve - MOC Animation

Lego Wall-E and Eve – MOC Animation

I decided to make my own Wall-E and Eve Lego figures out of whatever bricks I had. The MOCs turned out better than I expected. What do you think?

Wall-E can move its head left and right, up and down as well as pull a few facial expressions. It rolls on six wheels and the arms and fingers move. My favourite part is the trash compactor which neatly holds a couple of 2×2 Lego bricks.

Eve was much harder to create out of what little white pieces I had. She can rotate her head and arms and her blaster shoots Lego dots. I thought it was kinda cool to leave the police stickers on her back and the transparent Lego tube pieces worked perfectly for Eve to float above the ground.

If you’d like to see more Lego robot builds let me know in the comments what I should make next.

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