Quit Smoking Robot - Smoking Spaceman Vintage Toy

Quit Smoking Robot – Smoking Spaceman Vintage Toy

Another EPIC vintage toy robot video from Robot Elixir. This video showcases the “Smoking Spaceman” toy with stop-and-go striding action, flashing light up eyes and multi-coloured rotating head light.

In his youth this awesome robot would have also smoked, but he’s quit for good. 😉 In sync with the flashing eyes are some internal clicking sounds as the robot attempts to generate the smoke.

The robot design is a complete classic and the walking action with free swaying arms is very dynamic and characterful. The metallic dark grey finish is my favourite of the variations and the asymmetric eyes certainly give this particular toy some added charm.

An interesting feature of this robot is how the D-cell batteries fit inside his legs. They’re certainly a tight fit!

I hope you enjoyed this short video demonstration. Don’t forget to subscribe for more robot videos!

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