ROBO WUNDERKIND - Learn to code with Robots

ROBO WUNDERKIND – Learn to code with Robots

In this video I showcase the latest robot building kit from ROBO WUNDERKIND. The Explorer Prime is a modular block building robotics kit that allows you to code your smart sensing robot using three apps for different age groups. The introductory builds were fun and intuitive to make and a superb tool for kids to learn about coding in a fun, yet challenging way. This educational kit also comes with Lego compatible blocks so you can customise your models in an infinite amount of ways.

The first app, Robo Live, is a fun way to remotely and directly control your robot. The second app, Robo Code, helps you learn the basics of coding using arrows to control the flow of commands. The third app, Robo Blockly, is designed for older children and uses a drag-and-drop block-based visual programming language.

This video was kindly sponsored by Robo Wunderkind. They sent me a sample kit to test and showcase the product on the channel. I can honestly say I was genuinely impressed by the build quality and presentation of the product and apps. If you’re interested in learning more about Robo Wunderkind and the kits available, please check out their website:

Thanks for watching. 🙂

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