Star Robot - Epic Retro Space Toy with Pilot (Hexbug Nano)

Star Robot – Epic Retro Space Toy with Pilot (Hexbug Nano)

NOW THIS IS EPIC! “Star Robot” is an awesome vintage toy robot produced in 1985 by Son AI Plastic Industrial Company Ltd.

Star Robot has multiple flashing LED lights, a rotating body (rotate-o-matic) and a classic stop start walking action. The design features very loud 1980s high gloss gold detailing, colourful translucent plastics, electro sticker art as well as a laser gun and twin head-aerials.

The centrepiece of the toy is the spaceman that sits inside the robot, revealed by the transparent chest window. The spaceman bounces up and down in his chair as he controls the robot. EPIC!!!

This video also features a glow in the dark space scene with 3D solar system from Glowing Imagination as well as the glow in the dark Hexbug Nano.

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