VTech WALL-E Learning Laptop - Disney Pixar Walle

VTech WALL-E Learning Laptop – Disney Pixar Walle

Disney Pixar’s Wall-E educational laptop for children. A short video demonstration of this awesome interactive computer from VTech.

Apart from being an amazing display piece for Disney, Pixar, Wall-E and, of course, robot fans alike, it is packed full of educational games for kids to play. Choose from five categories: Letter, Words, Numbers, Logic & Games.

It has a retrotastic block pixel LCD display and flip down QWERTY keyboard.

This particular example is missing his battery compartment cover which is a shame and also has a light mark on the screen which you’ll notice in the video, but apart from that he makes a great display piece. My Wall-e normally wears a mighty fine “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show” straw hat which I picked up at Disneyland Paris. 😉

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